Holiday Coupons and Discounts

"It's the most wonderful time of the year"... Yes. The holidays are here! Deck the halls, bake your cookies, light your candles, trim your trees, spend all your hard-working money! LOL... I said "spend all of your hard-working money. Doesn't it seem like we work all year, just to save for the Holidays? Why do give gifts? Why do we ruin our finances at the end of the year after working hard all year to build it up? Are we crazy? Or, are we thankful for our accomplishments and now chooses to bless others with gifts, food and quality time? 

We at Eastside Glam, wants you to spend as little and save more. Although, we want you to only purchase from small businesses as ours. We understand, that we do not carry all the necessary needed items. That's why we joined affiliation with Rakuten.

Click on this link from Rakuten and receive coupons and discounts at major retail stores, In addition you will receive $10 for signing up.

Happy Holiday!

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