Where did the time go... Holiday Shopping!

It's funny how fast time travels!

It seems like just yesterday we were putting away the holiday dishes, decorations and trees. Now, we are heading back into the season again. OMG! where did the time go! Are the days and nights getting shorter? Or am I too slow to keep up with the time? Ummmm! interesting enough, I love the holiday season. However, I would love to have more time to prepare for it.

I need more time to save for the Black Friday sales, the pre-Christmas sales and the day after Christmas sale. What about religions who celebrate the holidays with a lot of gift giving, how do they do it? While I'm panicking about a gift to give the host for Thanksgiving, gifts for my kids and family for Christmas, their thinking about the gifts they must give for several days, back to back. I guess it could be worse for me.

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