Swimsuit Season is Here!

The summer months have begun, and with sunny days and delightfully warmer temperatures on the rise, many of our anxiety levels consequently tend to rise with the thought of finding new women bathing suits for every occasion. But do not fret ladies, there has never been a better time to embrace your beautiful curves by highlighting them in fashion forward prints and styles that also lend slimming functionality. Even though many of us are more critical of ourselves than others could ever imagine, as women, we know that if we are insecure about even the tiniest imperfection, it could inhibit our ability to just relax and have fun. So instead of agonizing over having to cut your workout short because the kids woke up too early, your boss inexplicably called after 5:30pm, or your mother-in-law dropped by for the 3rd time today—explore Eastside Glam's beautifully curated swimsuit collection. Because Beach Beauty, this is your summer to exude confidence and truly enjoy yourself!

Bikini, tankini, one piece, high waisted, floral print, plain, black, vintage, string bikini are all swimsuit decisions you will be faced to make over the next few weeks. As stated, Swimsuit season is here! Whether you're body conscious or proud of your body, we have you covered. 

Eastside Glam online store is the place to shop for all your swimwear for the summer. We have swimsuits for that casual pool party, swimsuits for your exotic vacation and swimsuits for those who are not quite ready to bare it all at the pool or the beach.

Bikini, one piece, high waisted, mix and match swimsuits are all sold at Eastside Glam. Look fashion forward in our bathing suits! 

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