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The Holiday Season Is Officially Here

Deck the Halls, Light the Candles, Hand Create the presents are all various traditions that Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa brings. Are you ready for it? Are you ready to purchase that "perfect gift", re-gift the fruitcake, and have the family gatherings (quarantine style...safely of course)? We've all endured 2020! What a year has 2020 been!!! We've been through the UPs and the DOWNs this year. However, more DOWNs than UPs has plagued some of our community members. However, as the year comes to a closure, we at Eastside Glam prays for everyone who are going through difficulties this year. This Holiday Season, Management at Eastside Glam decided to make our inventory more affordable than ever. We have always carried affordable clothing...

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Let the Black Friday 2020 Countdown Begin!

The Holidays are officially here! With Black Friday just a few days away, many are running to online stores to see the deals and steals. With the current state of the nation lurking with the Coronavirus-Covid 19 Pandemic in the air, more and more people have opted to go the safe route of online shopping. At Eastside Glam, we agree with you. Stay in the comfort of your home and shop until you drop. Well, make sure that you have the money first! Don't spend what you don't have. We have updated our collections with a wide variety of masks, t-shirts, shoes, sandals, blouses, boots, sneakers, dresses, shorts, jeans, skirts, handbags, underwear, jewelry, bathing suits and sunglasses for girl babies, infants,...

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Black Friday 2020

Are you celebrating black friday this year? I'm asking because the pandemic as definitely changed the way we shop and socialize. Moreover, many of us are now jobless and are barely making ends meet. The state of the economy has worsen within months. That is why at Eastside Glam, we have lowered our prices in efforts of providing quality and budget shopping for everyone. This black Friday, we are offering free shipping on ALL items. We are also offering a free gift to anyone who spends $75 or more. In addition, join our rewards program and or affiliate program and save on future shopping at Eastside Glam. Thank you for shopping with us.  

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2020 and Shopping Online

2020 has been a year for the history books. Thank God it's almost over! Who would have thought that 2020 would have turned out this way. Deaths, Job Losses, Increase in Homelessness, sadness, and turmoil. What a year! Now that we are approaching the holiday season; the nation is trying to regain some form of normalcy. More and more people are beginning to shop online for clothes, shoes, jewelery, handbags and now masks(our new normal). Eastside Glam wants you to make our store, one of your bookmarks. We have everything in fashion that will set your look apart from others. Our prices are affordable and we have a decent (Be sure to read the items description for the shipping time) shipping...

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Where did the time go... Holiday Shopping!

It's funny how fast time travels! It seems like just yesterday we were putting away the holiday dishes, decorations and trees. Now, we are heading back into the season again. OMG! where did the time go! Are the days and nights getting shorter? Or am I too slow to keep up with the time? Ummmm! interesting enough, I love the holiday season. However, I would love to have more time to prepare for it. I need more time to save for the Black Friday sales, the pre-Christmas sales and the day after Christmas sale. What about religions who celebrate the holidays with a lot of gift giving, how do they do it? While I'm panicking about a gift to give...

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