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Welcome to the premier fashion brand for women that breaks boundaries, glass ceilings, and the imaginary shackles of mediocrity placed on them by the world. Women that wear Eastside Glam cannot be held prisoner by the confines of societal mediocrity, and Eastside Glam provides them with the kind of style that women of their caliber can identify with.

You know how you can tell Eastside Glam is not your average clothing brand. Not only are we always at the forefront of all fashion trends (and we miss nothing), we innovate beyond the typical and seek to make popular products, the likes of that have never been seen before; we at Eastside Glam are Trend Setters. We allow thousands of influential women worldwide to express their inner selves to the outside world through our wide variety of the most attention-grabbing, jaw-dropping collection of clothes and accessories money can buy. The Eastside Glam woman has plenty on her hands; she’s not all play and no work. As such, our catalog has clothes for any and every occasion the East Side Glad woman can come across.

Our dresses are a prime example of this, with pieces like the ‘Blazer Slim Button Dress,’ perfect for any corporate affairs. Our dresses are present in long and short varieties, with several avant-garde designs, patterns, and concepts that are sure to be not only something the Eastside Glam woman can rock with confidence but also serial head turners.

Of course, dresses are essential, but they are not the only important part of a woman’s wardrobe. Sometimes, you need a regular T-shirt, or maybe a stylish blouse. In any case, Eastside Glam came prepared. Various tops vary from casual shirts with trendy messages and designs to multi-purpose blouses, stunningly designed sleeved shirts, tank tops for the Eastside Glam women that hit the gym regularly, and even embroidered shirts. Eastside Glam knows its tops.
It’s summer, and that means sunshine, beaches, and getting out there. So, when you hit the beach, why would you want to go there in anything less than the most glamorous, bewitching swimwear available to you? You wouldn’t, and that’s where Eastside Glam comes in.

Though not our most extensive collection by any stretch of the imagination, we still have everything from one-piece printed swimsuits to regular bikinis, high-waisted swimsuits, mix and match swimsuits, and everything in-between.
Not to be forgotten are our accessories, ranging from makeup, handbags, and sunglasses, all the essentials that any Eastside Glam woman would need.
The items mentioned above are just a glimpse into our immense catalog, and we at Eastside Glam are only just getting started. So now that you have processed everything we just explained to you, there is only one question left to answer: when are you getting your glam on? We offer free shipping on all items.

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