Why People Shop on Eastside Glam

They say, “It’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it.” While there is some truth to this quote, people with no style can wear anything and not look good; the person who coined this iconic, age-old phrase never heard of Eastside Glam.
Eastside Glam is the brand for women looking to express themselves through their unique sense of fashion but who can never seem to identify with other brands. Most brands want to make money, so they seek to appeal to the average consumer, what we call the “lowest common denominator,” so their fashion doesn’t entice women who don’t identify with mediocrity, nor the message behind it.

For us at Eastside Glam, clothing and fashion are more than just a means to earn money. For us, fashion is art, and every woman that purchased any Eastside Glam merchandise is an artist, no less than the likes of Pablo Picasso or Rembrandt themselves. Because every woman that wears a piece of Eastside Glam material rocks it in their own style, with their own variations and their own distinctive ideas, expressing their inner beauty and creativity through our apparel, they become unique, living embodiments of art itself.

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life,” said Bill Cunningham, and the customers of Eastside Glam are the equivalent of the fabled Knights in shining armor.

Here at Eastside Glam, we are aware that art can be expressed in a variety of forms. So, to fulfill the diversity of our customers’ expressions, we have aptly diversified our product line. From stunning dresses that catch eyes staring at them every time you walk down the street to jaw-dropping jumpsuits that stand out from the crowd like a flame in the dark, from gorgeous and confident swimsuits to the most comfortable and soothing lingerie money can buy. Not to mention separate tops and bottoms that will reinvigorate your wardrobe and give new life to outfits that had once become obsolete, East Side Glam has all your clothing quandaries sorted out for you.

We understand that fashion is not confined to clothes. Accessories function as a Wizard’s wand; they allow one to embody their natural characteristics in an object outside of their body, and our range of handbags, sunglasses, and shoes are the perfect compliments to your Eastside Glam. And, of course, there is no age limit to fashion, and thus our children’s collection is the perfect blend of style and happiness that a child can identify with, paving the path for future conscious works of art.

We at Eastside Glam do not cater to the lowest common denominator. We do not identify with the averages. And, of course, what we do here isn’t for everyone. We don’t do the expected. We do the novel, and we excel at it.

Eastside Glam online clothing store carries fashionable trends for female children, teenagers and women.

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