Your Fall 2021 Wardrobe


With the 4th of July behind us, it's now time to enjoy the rest of the Summer and start planning your Fall 2021 wardrobe. Do you remember last year in the height of the Covid 19 Pandemic, the only things we thought about was, can I go outside, will I catch the virus, how will I maintain my lifestyle and where can I get toilet paper from.

Now as the world continues to reopen, last year is becoming further in our rear view mirror. We are now dining out, attending events, and traveling. Oh what a difference a year made!!!

Now that you are back "outside" what are you wearing? Did you lose the jogging suit, frumpy sweaters and t-shirts that once was fashionable in our house? Are you engaging in beauty products, accessories and heels again?

Well, it's time Ladies! It's time to reclaim our sexy and dress to kill. Throw your sneakers and oversized clothing in the back of the closet and pull out your maxi dresses, your sparkling jewelry, your heels or comfortable flat sandals, your handbag and sunglasses. Step out of your house and enjoy the sun.  

If none of these items exist in your closet or no longer can fit you, (since most of us gained the quarantine 15) head on over to and purchase them. Eastside Glam has the latest in fashion for an affordable rate. We have everything for daily wear, evenings and events. Be and feel that young lady or woman you once felt; way before we went through the horrific pandemic.

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